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What we offer

Reinvent the world for good

Be the merging force between technology and humanity.

At Tietoevry, we strive to create technological solutions that empower humanity, rather than detract from it. Aligning technology with humanity requires collaboration of diverse backgrounds, exploring new approaches, and more importantly, it requires you; your unique perspective, your skillset and ambition. We, in turn, will provide you with the opportunities to explore what’s meaningful to you, support you in achieving the goals you set for yourself, professionally and personally, and encourage you to express what you believe in.

Recruitment Team

What you do here?

Create purposeful technology that reinvents the world for good

We create the solutions that have an actual impact on how society functions by enabling technology to include and empower every citizen. We believe and strive for creating technology that will provide businesses, societies, and humanity with opportunities, without causing new challenges in a different part of the value chain. While we might not be saving the world, we are making a better one – and you can as well.


“Tietoevry helps you find your personal goals. Then they help you find ways to achieve those goals through courses, certifications and the right projects.”

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“Our managers are good at taking into account the employees' areas of expertise, and there are lots of opportunities for personal development inside the company; for example, you can become a leader, or change your location or area of interest.”

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How you work toward it?

Join the community where you are in charge of change together

We enable you to take charge of creating an impact, but you do not carry the responsibility on your own. In every challenge you take on, you have the support of a team with widely spread, in-depth competencies, a culture of creativity, collaboration and engagement in an environment that provides stability. We will challenge you to explore the skills you want to grow and nourish, while leveraging the capabilities of an open, trusting community.

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“Together with my two closest colleagues in the core team, a Digital Lead and a UI Designer, we first focused on getting everyone in the project to use the same terminology, addressing basic questions like, what we mean when we use words like customer, services and service design..."

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"If there's something you're wondering about, whether it's technical questions or advice, you don't need look far to find someone who's an expert in the field and happy to share their knowledge."

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How we enable you to achieve it?

With scale and specialization, we empower you to realize change

Our footprint across Europe and close relationship with Scandinavian enterprises and public sector, makes us your leverage for enabling change. We have the muscles powering large scale engagements, but with speed and specialisation needed for surgical solutions on a local level. In order to stay at the forefront of the digital landscape and deliver proactively on customer cases, we infuse innovation and explore new technology in everything we do. This gives you a dynamic work environment with new experiences in every step of your journey.


“I moved from Örebro to Karlstad, but I really wanted to stay with Tietoevry, so the fact that it has 25 offices around the country was a major advantage, and I could transfer my role between these locations.”

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“We are a big organization and have a lot of exciting partners. It is important that all our ideas and initiatives are brought together, so we can be more focused and effective in our innovation work. The project’s aim is to make it easier for employees to put forward their ideas and be part of their development, and to shorten the path from idea to action”

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