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Transform Banking using AI

Join our mission to transform Tietoevry Banking’s half a billion euro product portfolio by bringing secure, compliant, scalable, and human-centric AI.

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Why choose us?

Make an actual impact to society

Join our vision to build a world with secure, compliant, and human-centric AI that brings efficient banking for society with the help of machine learning, mathematical optimizations, and cloud technologies

Work with talented colleagues

We are a team of data scientists, machine learning engineers, cloud architects and AI software engineers in a journey to change the way banking is done. Work with top academic and industry experts as peers and experience the power of collective intelligence. 

Learn through meaningful work

Grow your skills in developing modern AI/ML solutions for financial services using state-of-the-art Azure ML technologies.  

Our latest openings

Interested? Great! Check out our latest openings.

As a Data Engineer, you will work in a variety of settings to build systems that collect, manage, and convert raw data into usable information and create data pipelines for machine learning solutions. You are tasked with transforming data into a format that can be easily utilized in machine learning models and in charge of developing data processing solutions.

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We are now looking for a new team member to Tietoevry Banking’s growing AI product team within Credit solutions, to be part of shaping the future of applied AI and ML in the credit area. As a Senior Data Engineer, you will be part of transforming Data Science into Business value, in essence developing new products as well as enabling AI and ML applications in the Credit product portfolio. This is an amazing opportunity to be part of a start-up-like culture within a bigger organization, to work in close collaboration with the centralized Data and AI team, and with multiple software product units internally.

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You will be part of centralized AI team meaning that you will have an amazing opportunity to be a part of start-up like culture where you can influence a lot of ways of working and direction we are going, and at the same time feel yourself as a part of big organization, which will support you in your new adventure. As a member of Tietoevry Banking’s centralized Data and AI team you will be in close collaboration with the colleagues in all software product units. Your main task is to take a grip on the data assets of our software solutions and services and transform them to customer and business value for 500M+ euro software portfolio. Your solutions will empower current software products with AI to transform them to modern systems of insight. We expect you to have passion to develop scalable services powered by state-of-the-art artificial intelligence and machine learning technology.

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In your role, you will have an opportunity to be part of a start-up-like culture where you can influence the way of working and the direction we are taking. At the same time, you are part of a larger organization, which will support you in your new adventure.

Your main tasks are to take a firm grip on the data and AI solution architecture and develop technical roadmaps for our AI/ML software portfolio. Your solutions will empower current software products with AI capabilities and help transform them into modern systems of insight. We expect you to have a passion for architect and designing scalable services powered by state-of-the-art artificial intelligence and machine learning technology.

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Some of our cases

Loan application scoring

The ML solution helps financial institutions provide more personalized offers with better interest rates and faster decision-making for loan applications, which results in better matching of consumers’ needs.

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Customer churn prevention

An AI prediction service enables banks to proactively and efficiently reach out and engage their existing customers to ensure customer retention by improving their lending terms in time.

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Product recommendation

An AI-based recommender system enables banks to offer suitable financial products to their existing customers by identifying their needs better.

Meet some of our team members

George Lapinlampi, MSc

"As a team, we are working on productizing AI solutions in banking for customers from financial service industries. Our aim is to create scalable solutions using cutting-edge quantitative methods in IT that would allow our customers to gain a competitive advantage on the market lowering analytics costs and increasing their agility through faster and more accurate predictions.

My responsibility in the team is 2-fold. I’m responsible to develop statistical methods utilizing data and scientific approaches and developing a monitoring platform that would enable the stakeholders to digest and dive into the concrete output our team is producing. It’s very important that our work is transparent and well understood and I see it as one of my main responsibilities.

It’s a great honor for me to be part of a small but very smart and experienced group of professionals where each of us has a chance to learn new things every day whether the question is about technical matters, business relations, or tactical steps towards achieving a higher growth for Tietoevry in banking AI solutions."

Anton Sobolev, MSc

"I am a senior data scientist in Data & AI team at Tietoevry, helping to build and maintain business-relevant AI solutions for the banking industry. Our team works in a kind of start-up mode, meaning that we employ a lot of experimentation and R&D practices, to create feasible solutions for the businesses.

While working at Tietoevry, my learning curve has been constantly growing, as I acquired skills outside of the traditional scope of data science, such as code optimization, documentation, and version control. This also gave me a great opportunity to gain an understanding of how banks operate, since I had no previous experience in the financial industry. My team members, both data scientists and data engineers, are very proficient, friendly, and helpful; I enjoy our common ways of working, since we openly communicate our ideas and flexibly collaborate, aiming at high transparency within the team.

Our ambition is to scale our products and grow as a team, and I hope that with these changes and more colleagues to come, we will still keep up with our pleasant and productive working atmosphere"

Perks and Benefits

Hybrid and remote work

Hybrid working is a combination of working remotely and from the office. Work is where we learn, develop and create value with our customers and colleagues – not a place we go to work. We decide where to work together with our manager and team.

Flexible working hours

Employees may work different working hours depending on the customer and team's needs. Working hours are based on the Working Hours Act, Tietoevry's agreement of flexible working hours, and overtime instructions.

Self-development support

Agreements with Udemy and Microsoft cover many online courses to develop new skills and knowledge in different professional areas, such as data science, leadership, cloud technologies, business administration, data engineering, and Azure services.

Yearly performance bonus

Participants in the Tietoevry Performance Bonus plan can receive an annual cash reward for their contribution to achieving key company and unit financial targets that support our company’s strategy and performance.

Country specific benefits

Depending on the country, Tietoevry provides various regional benefits, such as lunch benefit, sports and wellbeing benefit, cottage benefit, car and bicycle benefit, spectacle benefit, language courses, occupational and workplace accident insurance, group life insurance, etc.

Occupational health and safety

Health care professionals include occupational health physicians and nurses. The services of occupational physiotherapists or psychologists are available with a professional’s referral whenever necessary.

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