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Intelligent automation: ISG research

We are honoured to be recognized as Leader in Intelligent Automation Solutions and Services for the third consecutive year in ISG Provider Lens™ report in the Nordics 2022.

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Intelligent Automation research

Intelligent automation underpins digital transformation.

Tietoevry named Leader in ISG Provider Lens™ Intelligent Automation - Solutions & Services 2022 report.

The effective implementation and use of Intelligent Automation services and solution play a pivotal role in successfully executing the digital transformation initiatives undertaken by enterprises and public organizations.

The new research compares 31 intelligent automation service providers’ strengths, challenges, and competitive differentiators. Tietoevry is positioned as Leader in all evaluated intelligent automation service categories in the Nordics:

  • Intelligent Enterprise Automation
  • Artificial Intelligence for IT Operations (AIOps)
  • Next-Gen Automation

Moreover, we are proud to have held this leading position for three years in a row, as indicated by our Back2Back Leader badge.

Leader in intelligent automation Back2Back Tietoevry 2022.png

Quadrant insight

Enterprise Automation

Intelligent Enterprise Automation_Leader.jpg

Intelligent Enterprise Automation quadrant assesses service providers that offer intelligent enterprise automation services and solutions and their ability to combine industry and domain expertise with end-to-end automation capabilities.

Intelligent Enterprise Automation.jpg


Artificial Intelligence for IT Operations (AIOps)_Leader.png

Artificial Intelligence for IT Operations (AIOps) quadrant assesses service providers that offer AIOps services and solutions and their ability to optimize business performance in tandem with IT performance.

Artificial Intelligence for IT Operations (AIOps).jpg

Next-Gen Automation

Next-Gen Automation_Leader.jpg

Next-Gen Automation quadrant assesses providers that offer next-generation automation services and solutions and emphasize expertise in emerging technologies, and capabilities that smooth the path to future automation, such as design thinking and change management.

Next-gen Automation.jpg

Highlights from the report

Focus on business transformation

A key differentiator is Tietoevry’s ability to create integrated solutions focused on business needs. It integrates DigiOps, AIOps and BizOps across the enterprise to enable customers to achieve not just infrastructure cost optimization but also their business transformation goals. It brings a highly modular, scalable automation framework that has zero vendor lock-in and integrates seamlessly into the existing enterprise automation and reporting tools.

Industry and domain understanding 

A core differentiator for Tietoevry is its domain expertise in industries and the public sector. For example, it offers the Adaptive Store solution to help retailers optimize store-specific supply chains, and point solutions in finance, HR, procurement and invoice processing.

While Tietoevry works across every industry, it is particularly notable for its public sector intelligent automation. It has a lot of experience co-innovating with public sector clients that typically need a high degree of flexibility, local adaptation and control for their automation projects. It has implemented complex solutions in areas such as healthcare and hospital management (for Helsinki University Hospital), traffic systems (Traficom), the Finnish Border Guard, universities and various public municipalities.

Data-driven services

With deep industry experience and expertise, Tietoevry can draw on a large repository of reusable AI- and machine learning-powered use cases in areas such as support function automation, zero-touch automation and neural network AI automation.

Tietoevry provides a comprehensive range of process automation and AIOps capabilities designed to help enterprises move to a data-driven operating model. These include automation and orchestration functions, cognitive bots, integration of AIOps and DevOps, root cause analysis, ticket routing and self-healing. This helps in establishing a strong integration between IT and business operations.

About ISG Provider Lens™ Report

A study on automation capabilities needed to underpin digital transformation

The ISG Provider Lens™ study is aimed at understanding enterprise requirements and provider capabilities on intelligent automation services. 

The study serves as an important decision-making basis for positioning key relationships and go-to-market considerations.

The study offers decision-makers:

  • Transparency on the strengths and weaknesses of relevant providers
  • A differentiated positioning of providers based on competitive strengths and portfolio attractiveness
  • Focus on the Nordics

Read more about Information Services Group (ISG)

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Intelligent automation solutions

Business process automation

Intelligent automation2.jpg

Intelligent automation taps into multiple technologies. It uses Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), Process Mining, Intelligent Document Processing, Business Process Management, and low-code or no-code tools and analytics.

We help you identify, prioritize, and implement process improvements. 

Learn more about our intelligent automation capabilities

Next-gen enterprise services

Next-gen application services.jpg

Our Next-gen Enterprise Service is a winning solution for strategic application management and IT services. We designed it to respond to the digital transformation challenges that companies face today.

We work closely with our customers to deliver automated IT operations and "digital development" capability improvements. That results in maximized efficiency in IT operations, continuous improvement and strategic application modernization and renewals.

Learn more about our Next-gen Enterprise services

Integrated AIOps services

AIOPS platform.jpg

Raising the productivity of IT operations by 35% to 45% sounds like magic. However, it is an actual result your company could get by implementing Tietoevry’s Integrated AIOps Platform.

Learn more about our integrated AIOps platform services



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