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Smart money

TietoEVRY's and Kela's new proof of concept helps to digitalise payment related processes.

What is Smart money?

Kela (The Social Insurance Institution of Finland) and TietoEVRY in cooperation with Finnish Tax Administration, Financial Supervisory Authority of Finland and Borenius Attorneys, have developed a proof of concept for Smart money.

Smart money is a conditional digital payment guarantee that relies on computer protocols which facilitate, verify, or enforce preset conditions for its appropriation, for example who may use the payment guarantee, what products and services can be bought with it, and where. From the user’s perspective Smart money knows what it can be spent for, where and by whom. 


Demo: Case rehabilitative psychotherapy

How smart money can be utilized in rehabilitative psychotherapy? Watch a video.

Play video

Download report

The Smart money report describes the developed Smart money concept in detail. The report specifies business processes, user flows, network agreement framework, technical setup as well as legal and regulatory considerations. The report also proposes roadmap and further use cases for the solution.

Fill out the form to download the Smart money specification document provided by Kela and TietoEVRY.

Smart money webinar (in Finnish)

Join the webinar to hear more about Smart money and how it can be utilised.

Join the webinar "What is Smart money all about" (Mikä ihmeen älyrahake) to hear more about the proof of concept and discuss about the possibilities of Smart money. The webinar is held in Finnish. 

Date: 1.4.2020
Time: 9:30–11:00 EET
Link to webinar:

Read more and register here >>>

Contact us


Markus Hautala

Head of Blockchain Center of Excellence, TietoEVRY
tel. 040 1824 299


Janne Pulkkinen

Head of IT Innovations, Kela
tel. 050 5516 237

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