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Manufacturing on the Move insight series

New white paper series turns the spotlight on digital transformation in industry with key steps for getting on board. Start the journey here!

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Has all the talk around Industry 4.0 and digitalization left you disoriented, wondering which steps to take first? If so, you are not alone – and good news is on the horizon.  

In the white paper series Manufacturing on the move, produced in collaboration with KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm and IT analyst firm Radar, TietoEVRY invites you to explore the transition to smart manufacturing from the vantage point of four essential building blocks.

Essential building blocks

Business model change


In the race for innovation, industrial manufacturers are turning their focus from product-based to service-oriented business models. But how many are adopting this approach full-out? Is fear of failure the only obstacle to going “all in”?

This white paper explores the need for business model reinvention – as the first essential step to capturing the opportunities of Industry 4.0.

Download Part 1: Business Model Change

Manufacturing in the age of ecosystems


Connected machines and people, smart products and digitally-enabled “things” are paving the way for a new manufacturing model – where business ecosystems are taking center stage.

This second part explores the role of business ecosystems as a pathway to  competitiveness in the digital era.

Download Part 2: Manufacturing in the Age of Ecosystems

Intelligent factories


In just a few decades, industrial manufacturing has changed dramatically in the continuous effort to keep pace with ever increasing market demands. Basically, this transition has occurred in three distinct phases, each with its own pathway to success.

This third part explores the building blocks of the factory of the future.

Download Part 3: Intelligent factories - toward a new frontier

Capturing the power of data assets


Data assets are like forests of valuable wood and they need to be understood and managed in order to capture the potential of the data trees. Industries such as finance and retail are perfecting these skills – and it’s now time for manufacturers to get on board and harvest the rewards.

This fourth edition outlines a step-by-step guide for capturing and managing data in the connected enterprise.

Download Part 4: Capturing the power of data assets

The key for continuous competitiveness

The manufacturing industry is facing unprecedented change.

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Digitalization of operations, connected value chain and service transformation impact the OEM industry and drive inevitable transformation.

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