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Green Asset Finance whitepaper

In this whitepaper, we look at the role green finance plays in the new business landscape and how the industry is responding with innovative business models and offers.


Our report reveals how green asset finance is creating a new business landscape

As global economies begin the long journey to recovery from the Coronavirus crisis, campaigners are calling for governments to grasp a unique opportunity to launch a green revolution.

Lobbyists argue that now is the perfect time to make progress on fundamental changes to the way economies operate, to lock-in improvements for generations to come.

The potential opportunities this brings for green asset finance are assessed in our new whitepaper.

In this report, we reveal how European governments are paving the way for a new finance landscape in Europe, how industry associations and businesses are putting environmental issues higher up their strategic agenda, and what this means for the development of new finance products.

The report includes a review of the risks associated with green finance and looks at new products that are successfully responding to the changing business landscape.

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What kind of is role green finance playing in the new business landscape and how is the industry responding with innovative business models and offers? Download our whitepaper to learn more!

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Jennifer Rebel
Client Partner, Banking sector

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