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Digitalisation for the future

Efficient administration - How can citizen services be future-proofed using the power of information management?

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We made this guide with input from our own experiences and those of our partners and clients, and wrote it with the intention of giving you the tools for your process. The guide contains comprehensive looks into the different parts of the process, including: 

  • Tools, Discussions points and Home work to get you thinking about your current situation
  • Lessons from other's projects
  • How to practically get started

We hope you find it relevant and informative.


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What is Efficient Administration?

The biggest common project of our time is to make our society smarter so we can give tomorrow’s generation the same level of welfare we have today, but with reduced resource consumption. To achieve this, we depend on having a well-functioning and reliable public sector. Tieto’s contribution to this common project is to offer solutions that assure a transparent society, the world’s best case management and the preservation of our cultural heritage for the benefit of the future generations.


Citizen Centric Services

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Multichannel services for citizens and businesses


Secure and in compliance with law and regulations




Cross-administrative, easy to operate and integrated service






Transparent and efficient decision-making

How we have Contributed

The customers and partners we've worked with to create more efficient administrative solutions.


Saving the Prime Minister's Office 13 Million a year

The Finnish Government used 16 different, disconnected, case management systems, now they are moving to one. All data, in one place, for every deparments benefit.

Learn how.

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Mobility, Structure and Efficiency with Document Management

By digitalizing the organization's document and case management, the Swedish Church's 50 000+ employees and representatives can now work more mobile, structured and efficiently.

Learn how.

Archive the past to build the future

Drammen municipality's central goal is to create a well-functioning solution for case management and archives to offer better citizen services. Together we built a system that made this possible.

Learn more.

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Get the guide and get started with building an organisation that can support your citizens' needs today and in the future.

Get the guide and get started with building an organisation that can support your citizens' needs today and in the future.
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