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How to secure your business continuity?

Time to take all the benefits from remote work and collaborate with your customers and colleagues like never before. We collected some practical tips for remote work and digital collaboration below. Read also how we have prepared as a company to the coronavirus pandemic.

Supporting the Finnish healthcare sector

Increasing testing capacity in Finland


Tietoevry joins other major Finnish companies to support increasing COVID-19 testing capacity in Finland. Mehiläinen, a private health care provider in Finland, has created a process, where COVID-19 tests carried out in Finland will be sent to a laboratory in South Korea for analysis on Finnair's charter flights.

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Providing healthcare professionals COVID-19 intensive care data

Tietoevry has collected data from the Finnish intensive care units and their different data sources over two years. Now the data set has been extended to include the COVID-19 information (90 variables). Benchmarking data can be utilized in all intensive care units e.g. to develop patient care and medication. Benchmarking helps organizations to develop their operations based on real-time data. In addition, Tietoevry provides data directly to the Finnish Institute of Health and Welfare and Ministry of Social Affairs and Health to improve their situational awareness.

The Coronabot gives guidance


The Coronabot is a questionnaire that gives you guidance and instructions in questions related to being exposed to COVID-19 and the symptoms of coronavirus. In addition, the psychiatry specialists of HUS have created a mental support programme to help you process any worries and anxiety caused by the coronavirus situation.

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Agile development and support for healthcare organizations in Finland

Healthcare professionals are at the heart of the current coronavirus crisis. We are listening carefully to our Lifecare customers during this exceptional situation and responding to their needs quickly and efficiently. Every week, we publish new functionalities and guidelines to support healthcare organizations during these uncertain times.

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Smart solutions to battle the pandemic

Swedes want safer & more secure payments


Almost 70 percent of respondents in a new Swedish consumer study would be interested in a biometric payment card without having to touch the point-of-sale terminal. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the respondents expressed a strong interest in more hygienic and secure payment methods when shopping in stores.

The study was carried out in October 2020 by Tietoevry together with biometric fintech company Zwipe.

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Get to know Tietoevry Banking

AI model can detect COVID-19 on x-rays


Tietoevry has initiated various initiatives to support critical societal functions and operations during the Coronavirus crisis. Our AI team have, with the help of Machine Learning, analysed multiple lung x-rays, and identified patterns on the radiographs of COVID-19 positive patients, which are different from those with healthy lungs or pneumonia. Now that the AI model has learned to identify these patterns, it only takes seconds to validate if a lung radiograph shows signs of COVID-19. This is still only a test project, and Tietoevry is currently in dialogue with health providers to find future use-areas. 

Digital Workplace of the Future


Last spring, organizations came under sudden pressure to improve the remote end-user experience, as employees moved to the home office.

According to the latest ISG Provider Lens™ Digital Workplace of the Future report, the pandemic increased the demand for scaling up virtual collaboration capacity and supplying employees with devices and secure home connections.

The pandemic has brought less change to working life in the Nordics, where remote working has traditionally been more common than other parts of the world.

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The Swedish tech industry stand together


Tietoevry supports #VITECHERUPP, an initiative by the Swedish industry organisation IT&Telekomföretagen. We believe that the entire industry must stand together to find innovative and smart solutions to battle the Coronavirus pandemics, and we have already initiated several proactive projects to battle the Coronavirus.

Read an interview with Tietoevry Sweden’s Karin Schreil (in Swedish)

Supporting the society through data

New initiative to manage crisis

We joined forces and launched an initiative to support managing the Corona crisis in Finland! Together with Tech Finland, Digital and Population Data Services Agency (DVV), Gofore and IBM, we joined forces to solve a societal challenge together.

During a two-week course, the team developed a campaign to gather real-time data sources to support decision-making during the pandemic. Finding the right sources and bringing together relevant real-time data will support situational awareness and decision-making during the Corona crisis. Through the initiative, data can be donated to benefit society.

Read more (the article is only in Finnish) 

Top notch corona epidemic predictions

It has been said that making an accurate prediction is simple, but not easy; achieving good forecast accuracy is rarely based on a superior forecast model. This spring, the role of different forecasting models and scenarios in the coronavirus epidemic has sparked much debate.

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Keeping business (un)usual

15 minutes on Digital Advantage

Ever wondered how to continue your digital transformation in a world that changes from day to day?


You’re not alone, and we’re here to help. We’ve come up with concrete actions that you can use today and in the long term, all presented in our vlog series. We know you’re busy, so we’ve kept it short and neat with all episodes being just 15 minutes.

Join the video blogs with industry thought leaders 

Get to know our thinking

Digital culture is crucial as the Corona crisis changes our business models


The crisis we are facing now is unique in that it is two-dimensional – it strikes against both supply and demand. The way forward is through the digital transformation and towards a digital culture where we dare to test completely new things.

Read the blog post by Jensen Viktor and Niclas Hansson


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