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Do you know your opportunities to grow?

The Pressure Cooker is a program for decision-makers and growth-minded service owners to identify growth opportunities and bottlenecks, as well as to increase the business impact of digital investments. Take this survey to get started with the program now.

Take the survey.

Here is how you remain competitive.

The economic climate forces you and your company to embrace digital channels. Your customers are switching from offline to online channels faster than ever. Despite the challenges to adapt fast, this is a golden opportunity to differentiate, increase market share, and target for growth.

How well are you actually doing?

You've already invested in technology, people, process optimization, and WoW.

Now with the new reality, growth-minded decision-makers need to find out feasible target actions, with a focus on quick wins.

Now is the time to drive growth.

What is the Pressure Cooker program?

The Pressure Cooker program exists helps you in identifying and discovering potential areas for growth and quick wins to address the current volatile situation.
This programs provides you with insightful analysis of the as-is state of your digital business. With a structured framework approach, you will get a documented overview of its bottlenecks, as well as an actionable checklist on where to focus next.
Our experts are equipped with the knowledge and insights in the areas of digital marketing, sales, business and UX design, as well as technical development. We will help you in implementing a backlog of experimentation and growth ideas to remain competitive.


What is in it for me?

You will get an actionable & prioritized growth backlog. We will suggest the next steps for getting started with the prioritized growth activities.
We will share our best practices for driving growth & innovation programs in your organization.


How to start the program?

The Pressure Cooker program consists of three steps:
1. Self-assessment
2. Structured discovery meeting
3. Analysis and recommendations for the next experimentation and growth activities.
To start with the program now, click the Take the Survey button below. Once you have completed the self-assessment, we will conduct a quick review on your responses and contact you to agree the next steps.

Understand your growth opportunities.

The survey takes about 5 minutes.

After submission, we will conduct a quick review on your responses and contact you on the next steps. Also, we will share a summary of the responses with you afterwards. All the data for this summary is processed anonymously.

Download & Contact us

Download detailed information.

Download Pressure Cooker deck for more detailed information.

Download material

Contact us

Contact us to find out more:

Antti Pudas, Head of Customer Service & Financial Dig Channels or send us an email

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