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ISG Provider Lens™ Digital Business

We are honoured to be Leader and Rising Star in ISG Provider Lens™ Digital Business Nordics report 2019-20.

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About ISG Provider Lens™ Report

Insights into Digital Business Solutions and Service Partners in Nordics

The ISG Provider Lens™ study offers decision-makers:

  • Transparency on the strengths and weaknesses of relevant providers
  • A differentiated positioning of providers by segments
  • Focus on the Nordics.

The study serves as an important decision-making basis for positioning, key relationships and go-to-market considerations.

We are honoured to receive a very positive ranking in ISG’s Digital Business Solutions Nordics report 2019-20.

How were we perceived?

TietoEVRY in the report

The combined entity, TietoEVRY, has more than 5,000 digital consultants with deep customer knowledge in the Nordics market and has a strong focus on accelerating digital transformation. The firm leverages its strong expertise to expand its client base in the region.


Strong base of digital consultants

TietoEVRY’s combined expertise has more than 5,000 digital consultants with deep customer knowledge in the Nordics and a focus on accelerating digital transformation for its clients. This strong set of expertise will help the firm expand its client base in the region.

Alignment with local cultural nuances

TietoEVRY is a Nordic-based service provider, and they are abreast of the cultural nuances in the region. This serves as an advantage for the combined entity to grow in the region and provides a competitive advantage amongst peers. This also helps in facilitating digital transformation for its customers.

Customer experience services portfolio

TietoEVRY provides a complete spectrum of customer experience services, including digital strategy and design, eCommerce and online services, digital marketing systems, advanced analytics and data science. In 2018, Tieto acquired Meridium, which had 60 digital customer experience professionals dedicated to strategy and design, development and continuous management of customer experience solutions, mainly focused on the public sector to aid organizations and trade unions.




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