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Digital experience

By creating great everyday digital and real-life experiences, we can make life a little better for everyone.

Enjoy 15 minutes on Digital Advantage

TietoEVRY in social media

A consortium of five companies, including TietoEVRY and @Hyland Healthcare, have partnered to deliver a digital pathology solution that enables improved cancer diagnostics and patient treatment. Read #digitalpathology

We will publish our #Q2 results on Friday 24 July 2020 at 8.00 am EET. Stay tuned! #TietoEVRYinvestors

In our next 15 minutes on Digital Advantage, Dmitry and Ragnar will discuss the strategic rationale of cross-organizational data sharing and provide examples when #data sharing and exchange make strategic sense. Sign up now 👉🏼

One of the key enablers of the digital economy and drivers of digital ecosystems is external #data sharing and exchange. Join 15 minutes on Digital Advantage on July 8 at 11:45 CET to learn more 👉🏼

What makes a great #automation solution? Our take on the five selection criteria jointly with @infotechRG and @ayehu_eyeshare

Don't miss our 15 minutes on Digital Advantage today at 11:45 CET! Today's topics are #AI and #data - join the discussion with @ChrisXtg, @kiaharing and @NygardKN! 👉🏼

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