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Jonas Lindell: Staying on cloud nine

Jonas, a Senior Software Architect at Tietoevry Create, has struck a happy medium between a great job and a healthy work-life balance by moving from Helsinki to Vaasa.

Jonas Lindell / April 20, 2023

Jonas Lindell and his family recently moved 420 kilometres from Helsinki to Vaasa in the west coast of Finland. Stressed by city life and the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic, he wanted to be closer to nature and his loved ones.

Vaasa was a natural choice as his wife’s sister lives there, and his parents are based nearby in Pietarsaari. Jonas says initially he was hesitant because of the enormity of the task and how it would impact his career. But sharing the idea with his boss encouraged him to take the leap.

“He was encouraging and flexible. He said nothing is impossible or hard, and we have an office there. I was not pushed in any direction, and I had a positive experience with all the help I needed to take the step.”

"Coding is about endless possibilities”

Jonas develops cloud-native business applications and services for customers and has team-lead capacity. He is an Azure cloud expert and stays updated with the cloud via timely certifications and courses.

Jonas enjoys the DevOps way of working because it aids easy and free automation and allows him to have many tools in his set-up. Why is this all so exciting to him?

“Coding is about endless possibilities. It helps to improve manual processes and helps people in their daily lives.”

“As software developers, we once had a narrow focus towards coding. The hardware guys looked after the computers and servers while we developed the software. With Azure, there are no such borders anymore.”

Moving fast from the start

It’s a significant change from the marine and engineering sector, where Jonas began his career.

Fuelled by a love for gaming, he earned his master’s degree in computer science while working in the telecom industry. He then landed his first technology job as a consultant with Microsoft Technologies.

Four years ago, he joined Tietoevry Create and was immediately assigned his first project, which remains memorable and close to his heart.

The customer was eager to get Azure integration architecture on a quick timetable and wanted to meet the person with whom they would be working. At that point, Jonas still needed to complete his onboarding formalities.

“From there, things moved fast. I got a role as a consultant for large-scale integration architecture in the retail industry. It was thrilling and rewarding because we achieved great results.”

Jonas is particularly proud of an Azure IoT solution he built to improve the efficiency of cleaning and maintenance in airports and the sanitary facilities in other large buildings, such as when they ran out of supplies like hand towels or soap.

“We had a few laughs since you could say that we counted people’s visits to the toilet. But it was special because it was one of my first massive projects with many different Azure components.”

The unseen benefit

Jonas has chosen to work mostly from home and has a better home office than before. Life has changed for the better. He has more time and has resumed doing things he loves, like landscape photography, swimming and cross-country skiing.

“My children can play in the yard and go to friends. Our relatives are close to help with childcare. I like skiing and mountain biking, which I can enjoy near my home. We also visit our summer cottage more often.”

He is now channelling his passion for the outdoors to develop software for national parks to analyse and understand visitor activities. While he is striking the right work-life balance, is he missing opportunities?

I have optimised my time here as I can focus better and give more time to work. I have colleagues from whom I can learn, and I work for a company with a balanced structure and processes. Nobody is micromanaged, and work goes smoothly.”

“Sound ideas, respect for people and making a better world in all possible ways are the pillars for what is important for me.”


Get to know Jonas

  • Name: Jonas Lindell
  • Job Title: Senior Software Architect at Tietoevry Create
  • Loves at Tietoevry Create: Azure PaaS Architecture, DevOps, coding
  • Interests: Skiing, mountain biking, golf, landscape photography
  • Motto: Be proactive and always think ahead
Jonas Lindell
Senior Software Architect, Cloud Native Application Services, Tietoevry Create

Jonas works as Senior Software Architect at Tietoevry Create. He enjoys the DevOps way of working because it aids easy and free automation and allows him to have many tools in his set-up. If you like cross-country skiing and outdoor sports, you have something in common with Jonas!


Jonas Lindell

Senior Software Architect, Cloud Native Application Services, Tietoevry Create

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