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Career jump made easy with Tietoevry Connect Academy

The aim is to fulfil evolving customer needs while offering new opportunities to employees.

Sanna Lindner / October 24, 2022

Well, easy is probably not the word our hard-working participants would use to describe our academy programs. But it’s easy in the sense that it takes you from one work area to a completely new one within just a few months – all sponsored by your current employer.

Why an in-house academy?

New technologies are continuously reshaping society and industries. Organizations need to grow and adapt at the same speed as the market evolves – preferably even faster. Yet many companies struggle with the ability to move from existing capabilities towards covering future demands. For individuals it’s often difficult to change career and leave several years of experience behind. If companies learned how to mitigate the uncertainties employees face when moving into new types of work – without compromising business profitability – they would develop a sustainable approach to retaining talent.

Customer demands as the guiding star

The aim of the Tietoevry Connect Academy is to fulfil customer needs while offering new opportunities to employees. We needed to find a way to tackle the challenge and opportunity of capturing fast-evolving market demands. The circumstances require us to have speed in execution, while maintaining high-quality services. Therefore, we set the ground rule for each academy program to be tailored based on market demands – both in numbers of participants and in the content of the training itself.

Straight to customer assignments: Formal and practical learning combined

When the programs are based on market demands we can ensure that participants are able to quickly apply their new skills in customer projects. It’s the combination of formal and practical learning – supported by mentorship and a peer network – that are the key success factors for the Tietoevry Connect Academy. By focusing on the qualitative aspect, our participants are able to make a career jump within the course of just two to three months. Our proof point for success is when the graduates are up and running in new customer assignments. The Tietoevry Connect Academy has been in action for about a year now and we are very proud to say that our approach is successful.

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Top three success factors for an in-house academy:

  1. Cover customer demands. This is the foundation for your business case and for the participants to practice their new skills.

  2. Only conduct voluntary training. The company provides the opportunity, and the individual brings the motivation.

  3. Focus on quality before scale. This ensures the best preconditions for the participants to succeed in their career jump.

Read more about career opportunities at Tietoevry.



Sanna Lindner
Head of People & Culture, Tietoevry Connect


Sanna Lindner

Head of People & Culture, Tietoevry Connect

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