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Digital HR Insights Community

Interested in digital tools and digitalization strategies for HR? Welcome to join Digital HR Insights Community.

Hannastiina Anderson / November 04, 2020

TietoEVRY Global HCM team is helping many Nordic companies on their HR digitalization journey. Through every project and partnership, we gain new experience and now we want to build a community where everyone can learn from each other.

We at TietoEVRY are fortunate to be able to work with companies across the Nordics on interesting HR digitalization projects and grow knowledge together with our clients. Demand for agility, transparency and accessibility of data and actions in Human Resources is growing all the time.

Attracting and retaining the best talent requires an excellent and modern employee experience achieved via both user-friendly solutions and digitalisation development strategy. Driving the change is always a challenge and we want to help you by creating a network to share relevant information: Digital HR Insights Community.

We have always enjoyed communicating our learnings via quality customer events and blog posts. Thanks to this community, you will never miss out on any interesting content or event invitation.

Sounds Interesting?

In that case, join the Digital HR Insights Community now. Together, we can make this the best platform for networking and learning how to make employees and business thrive.


Community Archive:

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Hannastiina Anderson
Head of Global HCM

Hannastiina Anderson works as the Head of Global HCM for TietoEVRY. Hannastiina has a long history of working with digital HR technology. Her focus is on offering customers suitable modern tools to help them create an exceptional employee experience and boost the effectivity of Human Resources operations. Connect with Hannastiina on LinkedIn!


Hannastiina Anderson

Head of Global HCM

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