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What happens when a pandemic challenges the safety of personnel in the Energy industry?

Our world-leading integrated logistics management solution displayed agility by adapting to market changes & delivering solutions for customers to manage COVID-19 testing in the oil & gas industry.

Kristian Brakvatne / June 17, 2020

Energy Operators across the world are dependent on their personnel in order to operate efficiently on remote sites - be it a rig, ship, wind park or an onshore field site

Managing personnel logistics safely and efficiently to and from these sites is critical.

Our global DaWinci team has been working closely with operators for more than 20 years to continuously evolve best practices within this domain. But what happens when a pandemic breaks out - suddenly challenging the safety of your workers? Being long term partners in digitalizing the space of logistics, it was natural for the DaWinci Community and TietoEVRY to jointly look into how DaWinci could help in this challenging situation.

The challenge - How can energy operators ensure the safety of their personnel during the COVID-19 situation, while being able to continue their operations?

This was a critical problem and it needed to be solved quickly - imagine if the virus started to spread on a remote site where the personnel work in close proximity to each other, on limited overall space, with few options of traveling home. Not only would it be critical for the personnel at risk of being exposed, it would have significant impact on the whole workforce and operation as a whole.

Identifying solutions that could be standardized across the industry

Through deep brainstorming sessions with customer communities we were able to identify two different solutions that would accommodate their respective needs. Both were moved forward and we rapidly started developing, testing and deploying the solutions.

The Complete Package

The first approach was to manage COVID-19 impact by testing all personnel for the virus and providing the results in the system in order to prevent those with positive results to be booked for travels to site. The complete solution for managing this in DaWinci was developed, implemented and in use within one week, enabling our customers to test 1000 personnel each day and having the complete register available – all without the need for emails being sent back and forth.

The Lighter Approach

The second solution was developed and delivered based on the approach of identifying potential carriers of the virus during the pre check-in to prevent them from traveling to the heliport. For this we developed a solution with pre-defined questionnaires that the travelers had to respond to during their pre check-in using MyDaWinci – the travellers app. This was delivered in Production in a matter of weeks. In addition to this, there was also a need for the operators to easily contact their travelers and send information including attachments, and for this we built a more dynamic messaging engine in the tool.

Benefits of an Agile team

In this situation having an agile team was one of key elements for success. We managed to maintain our normal operation while devoting enough time and resources to rapidly develop new features for managing the COVID-19 situation. Our strength lies in how we approach problems together with our customers, and this has again proven to enable us to quickly identify the core challenges and correspondingly develop and deliver solid viable solutions quickly. This agile way of operating is one of the core strengths of the DaWinci team, and one I think will be increasingly important in the uncertain times ahead.

What is DaWinci?

DaWinci is a logistics management application integrating the end to end logistics supply chain for both personnel and cargo enabling full overview and control of the processes designed to accommodate the need for the energy industry.

Kristian Brakvatne
Director Oil & Gas Operation Support Solutions

Kristian is heading up TietoEVRY Oil & Gas Operation Support Solutions which delivers the DaWinci product and corresponding services to customers across more than 40 countries worldwide. He is a passionate leader, strategist and business developer who loves to help companies in the global energy industry to manage their logistics and operations safely and efficiently by use of relevant technology. Kristian believes that being agile in all aspects of team work and deliveries is one of the key elements to maintaining a competitive edge today.


Kristian Brakvatne

Director Oil & Gas Operation Support Solutions

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