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Benefits that make a real difference to my well-being

Employees’ emotional and financial well-being is a focus area at Tieto. Read how Soniya thinks the total rewards and well-being programmes in India benefit her and make us stand out from competitors.

Soniya Patankar / December 02, 2019

In the constantly accelerating competition within the IT industry, it is becoming difficult to attract and retain top talent. Nowadays, employees see well-being as an integral part of their overall growth, together with rewards. Thus, well-strategized total rewards and well-being initiatives that encompass the shifting expectations of employees can become a key differentiator.

Tieto looks at total rewards and well-being more broadly and treats its related initiatives with utmost importance to support its evolving multi-generational workforce. But how do we ensure that our efforts in the area are keeping up? And why do I care about them personally?

Total Rewards and Employee Well-being Programmes in Tieto India

Our Total Rewards consist of several components: base pay, benefits, incentives, work-life balance, recognition, development and career opportunities. Individual performance is the foundation for Tieto’s success and thus variable pay is determined by employee’s overall performance. Various variable pay plans at Tieto consist of short-term incentives, project rewards, long-term incentives and spot awards.

Employee well-being is a bit of a buzz word these days. What does employee well-being really mean? I see it as the general health and happiness of a person, or the state of being healthy.

We at Tieto firmly believe that employee well-being is closely linked to employee engagement and overall productivity at work. Thus, we make a consistent effort to make employee well-being a priority through a variety of human-centred workplace initiatives, such as:

  • Blood donation camp
  • Stretching exercises on floors
  • Marathon event
  • Swedish Corporate Championship sports tournament
  • Employee Health Insurance plans
  • Employee Annual Health Checks
  • Dependent Health Checks
  • Health App passes to an activity-based gym
  • Employee Assistance programme for employees’ mental & physical health

My Tieto Experience

Does it really matter how employees feel about total rewards and well-being? The answer is “Yes”. Out of my experience of more than 9 years at Tieto India, the reasons that make our total rewards and well-being stand out amongst our competitors are:

  • Tieto has values and culture I truly believe in. It offers an open environment that creates a sense of clarity, transparency and agility for numerous unparalleled opportunities. As an employee, I am empowered to drive our values.
  • Tieto’s annual health checks and health insurance are an indispensable part of employee benefit as it covers my spouse, children and dependent parents.
  • Tieto employee assistance programme offers confidential personal counselling services on issues such as stress, anxiety, parenting, relationship issues, and work-life balance.

Where do we go from here…

I firmly believe that having the right, total rewards and well-being programs in place is pivotal but unless they become part of our culture, they will remain underutilized. Moreover, we are helping our employees to understand the real values of these benefits and to convert them into employees’ everyday behaviours.

Learn more about Tieto’s global Total Rewards policy, and career opportunities in Tieto India.


Soniya Patankar
Senior HR Consultant

Since starting her Tieto journey 9 years ago, Soniya has been working in different roles from recruiting to business HR. In addition to her current role as an HR Consultant, she leads the Learning & Development function at Tieto India. Soniya is also part of the culture change management and drives the culture initiatives actively.


Soniya Patankar

Senior HR Consultant

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