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Boosting my career as a Business Development Trainee at Tieto

Irene spent her summer as a Business Development Trainee at our headquarters in Finland. Now she shares her experience and explains why she encourages you to apply to Tieto’s summer trainee programme.

Irene Lindqvist / October 29, 2019

When clicking the job ad for Business Development Trainee at Tieto in early 2019, I felt the job description immediately clicked with who I am.

My education and job experiences seemed right for the position. I have a bachelor’s degree in business and economics. I've also worked in the financial industry and have some experience in communications and software marketing. Plus, I was motivated. I wanted to work with cutting-edge digital solutions and this was a great opportunity to do just that.

Eventually, I got the job!

When I joined Tieto in June, I started working on sales materials for Tieto’s insurance and wealth management platform, translating technological solutions into business benefits. The know-how at Tieto’s different industry domains (energy, healthcare, and finance, to name a few) is a combination of technological and industry-specific business knowledge. I found this engaging – not only did I learn about software development, but also about the insurance and wealth management industry. Another thing that engaged me at work was the innovative nature of the solutions. The platform is based on an open ecosystem, which is a new way to approach the design and rollout of industry software.

#tietolife as I know it

The group I worked with daily during the summer was quite small and had a great sense of togetherness. However, one of the perks of working in a large company is that there are so many people to get to know in addition to one’s team. I have been able to reach out to colleagues from other parts of the organization whenever I’ve needed additional information or wanted to get another angle on an issue. Participating in events organized for summer trainees was great fun too. Most importantly, I’ve always felt welcome and included from the start.

A summer job worth talking about

The gig economy is often mentioned in a negative context, but I like the increasingly dynamic nature of work and employment. I just counted that the summer at Tieto was my ninth job. All experiences have changed me for the better and I’ve learned something new in every single workplace.

The summer at Tieto is one of my most valuable working experiences so far, and it helped me develop professionally. The icing on the cake was the gym with a Helsinki skyline view, all the fun I had, and the inspiring people I met.

I would like to encourage you – a tech-savvy student, a business-minded professional or similar – to apply for a position at Tieto. You won’t regret it!

- - -

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Irene Lindqvist
Tieto Alumni


Irene Lindqvist

Tieto Alumni

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