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Life as a Project Manager at Data-Driven Businesses

Working with top professionals, new technologies and interesting customer cases keeps me motivated. What drives you in your work?

Niina Siipola / September 03, 2019
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Having worked in rapidly changing consumer product development, I was a bit hesitant about taking on a new career path. I was surprised to discover how Tieto’s data-driven business’s offering matched my interests. The people, new tech, way of working, interesting customer cases, and location were so great that I felt compelled to join.

Our unit consists of more than 80 professionals who are working with data platforms, advanced analytics, big data and machine learning. My team focuses on health and wellbeing related solutions (Intelligent Wellbeing). I feel privileged to work with a group of experts – data scientists, big data architects, software developers, data engineers and data analysts – that are highly skilled and motivated to develop things further. I enjoy working with people who are technically more advanced than I am, because it gives me the opportunity to develop as a professional.  

The A team 

In my spare time I am a sport-enthusiast. Having a great team in sports or at the workplace is quite similarWhen you have an excellent group of people around you and common goals that you work towards, you can bet that your team will be highly motivated and reach the set goals 

We have autonomy to come up with the best solutions and tools for the problems we aspire to solve. We are not fixed to selected technologies, but rather we have the freedom to choose the best fit for the purpose and customer problem. Perhaps this is part of the reason why our team works so well together. If we see something that needs fixing – whether it’s a challenge in the delivery or an internal development need – we tackle the problem together and it gets done.  

In my work as Project Manager, I enjoy the variety: I manage many kinds of projects relating to different industries, handle contracts, meet customers, and work with internal development and invoicing 

Seeing the value of our work  

We help enable our customers to get value from data. While this might sound boring to an average personwhat we do is genuinely exciting and meaningful. Here’s few examples of projects that I manage: 

In a joint pilot project, the Finnish Olympic Committee, Polar and Tieto are testing a new system for gathering and analysing the performance data of athletes. Today it’s not only sleep, nutrition and physical training that counts, but also the health and performance data, as well as how you can use the data to perform even better. However, Finnish athletes currently lack solutions for the broad-based collection of data and its secure distribution to coaches and other support staff. Where data exists, it is currently held on dozens of information systems, which are difficult to use together. We are creating a centralized platform where data can be gathered with the consent of the athletes as well as easily analysed to support coaching.  

In another pilot project between the Finnish Defence Forces, Suunto and Tieto, we are enabling conscripts and reservists to track their physical activity and wellbeing. The current trend is that the fitness levels are not what they once were. The drop-off in physical performance in recent years represents a major challenge from the perspective of both the Defence Forces and Finnish society more broadly. In this project we are tackling this challenge by equipping conscripts with the ability to monitor their physical activity and wellbeing. The data platform created for the project provides a secure location for the gathered data.  

As a third example, we are part of The eCare for Me project that examines artificial intelligence-based methods to accelerate the early identification of diseases and ensure patients receive the right treatment faster. We provide the data lake infrastructure to HUS and it plays a key role in the project as it enables efficient and safe use of health data.  

Do you think that you would like to be part of this growing team of specialists? Check out our open positions here.

Niina Siipola
Senior Project Manager

Her team is developing powerful data analytics solutions, which are significantly improving our customers business and daily life. She’s continuously developing as a professional and as a front-runner in rapidly evolving data business. Based on her experience, successful data driven business transformation requires people who are willing to optimize processes, systematic change management, and team that is able to deliver the needed solutions. 


Niina Siipola

Senior Project Manager

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