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Life as a Data Scientist at Tieto Intelligent Wellbeing

Our team develops tools and solutions for healthcare professionals to utilise big health data and machine learning in clinical care and research.

Miikka Ermes / August 29, 2019
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Just a couple of years back, healthcare data were siloed. Even in a single healthcare organisation the data resided in several databases, which were not able to exchange information.

The fast development of big data infrastructures has now turned what was once a problem the other way around: Today, there is so much data available in centralised or interoperable repositories that leading healthcare organisations are struggling to take full advantage of their data in clinical care and research.

These are fascinating times for data scientists at Tieto Intelligent Wellbeing, as we have the luxury of working with clinicians to develop data science and machine learning tools that will enable them to provide better treatment for patients based on big health data.

What does this mean in practise? For example, let’s take a look at how we collaborate with the HUS cancer centre and haematology clinic.

Data science for optimising care

Cancer treatments are developing rapidly and they are getting more and more personalised, meaning that the treatments can be tailored to the specific conditions of the patients and their tumours. However, such personalised treatments require advanced analytics of the patient’s data to define optimal care. Tieto Intelligent Wellbeing team is collaborating with the HUS Haematology clinic and developing data science algorithms and tools that recommend the best possible treatments for each patient.

The datasets processed are massive and we do the majority of the ETL processing with distributed computing frameworks such as Apache Spark. Also, we leverage modern natural language processing tools (e.g. BERT derivatives) in extracting critically important patient information from patient notes. Currently we are comparing several similarity approximations to find the best treatment recommendations.

A multitalented team creating state of the art healthcare software

Our team is not just analysing data, we are also translating our findings into software products that provide clinicians with actionable information based on the patient data. We are an interdisciplinary, multi-talented team that consists of software developers, designers, data scientists and data engineers who work together in order to create the best possible solution with modern software and data science technologies.

What’s in it for me?

Personally, I feel tremendously excited every day at work. We create new scalable solutions for international healthcare clients while knowing that our solutions can help thousands of patient globally. Having worked in research for over ten years, this jump to business has been a really positive experience, due to the pace of development and fast track to launching our solutions to daily clinical work.

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Miikka Ermes
Lead Data Scientist

Miikka has developed algorithms for a wide range of health devices and apps from intensive care monitoring to wellbeing programs. He has a PhD in biomedical signal processing and works as lead data scientist at Tieto.


Miikka Ermes

Lead Data Scientist

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