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Reinventing oneself professionally – the story of a Cloud Specialist

Tieto has more than 250 certified Cloud Specialists. This is the story of one of them, Kari Marttila.

Kari Marttila / July 03, 2019

“Continuous learning has always been a passion for me. The opportunity to combine diverse hands-on projects and learning new technologies is the reason why I’ve worked at Tieto for 21 years now. There are so many projects in Tieto and therefore so many learning possibilities.”

From Programmer to Cloud Mentor

Kari joined Tieto as a Programmer in 1998. Soon after joining, he started to work as a Java Mentor helping junior Developers to use Java, which was a pretty new technology in those days. After that, Kari has worked in many units at Tieto in several roles, mostly as a Software Architect.

In 2015, Kari realized that cloud is the next big thing and started studying it more in-depth. In the past four years, he has been working in several AWS and Azure projects and completed five certifications in three cloud platforms (AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate, AWS Certified Developer Associate, AWS Certified SysOps Administrator Associate, Microsoft Certified Azure Solutions Architect Expert, and Google Cloud Certified Associate Cloud Engineer). 

He currently works as a Cloud Mentor at Tieto. He helps junior Cloud Developers to build their competence and consults Tieto’s customers in cloud-native cases. Kari loves programming and he usually also implements quite a lot of cloud infrastructure. Among other tools, he uses Terraform and implements systems on the infrastructure using for example Java, Clojure, and Python.

Learning as a lifestyle

As Tieto employs 15,000 people, it means there is a huge number of projects ongoing constantly, and there are great opportunities to work in diverse teams and roles within these projects. Internal rotation is supported, and Kari is a living example of horizontal career moves and continuous learning. Even for a seasoned professional like Kari, there is still room to grow professionally.

I like challenges. In information technology, there is always something new to learn. Recently, I have been studying Google Cloud Platform, Machine Learning, and the Clojure programming language. The best thing is that when you get excited about some new technology, you start to learn it, and the next thing you know is that you are applying that knowledge in some new customer case.”

In January 2019, just a few months back, Tieto started a new business unit, Public Cloud, which is led by Petri Ohtonen. Kari was one of the first Architects to join the team this spring. The new unit is small and agile, focusing on cloud-native projects. Although a small unit, the team is international and growing fast. They design the systems, create cloud infrastructure as code, implement the applications into the cloud infrastructure, test the systems, and deploy them to production – everyone gets to do a bit of everything in their cloud-native projects.

In addition to Kari’s thirst for learning, he’s also eager to share his knowledge with a wider audience. Have you already read his blog in Medium? If you are interested in programming languages you might like his story about implementing the same web server using five different languages.

Would you like to join Kari and Tieto’s Public Cloud team?

Our Public Cloud team is growing, and both junior and senior Cloud Specialists are recruited to the team. If you would like to join this small business unit in Finland’s biggest software house, contact us via or check out open positions here!

Kari Marttila
Lead Software Architect, Cloud Mentor

Kari is Lead Software Architect in the Public Cloud team of Tieto. As a Cloud Mentor, Kari also helps his colleagues build cloud competence and consults Tieto's clients in cloud-native development projects. In addition, he assists in winning new cloud projects for Tieto.


Kari Marttila

Lead Software Architect, Cloud Mentor

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