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Life as a Test Engineer at Tieto

llpo Paju is Test Engineer of the Year 2018, and a Lead DevOps Architect. Having worked at Tieto for 15 years, what does he think about Life at Tieto today?

Ilpo Paju / July 09, 2019

In 2019, Ilpo Paju received the award for Test Engineer of the Year 2018. Who would have known that originally he had no intention to work in software development, but as a maths teacher? As it often happens, life surprises you – Ilpo found himself in the world of software development.

Today, Ilpo works as DevOps Lead at a nationwide pension payment system and is one of the key players at Tieto developing the Test Automation business in Finland. Most of the work is done remotely from lovely Savonlinna. What has made Ilpo stay at Tieto for 15 years?

Freedom and intriguing challenges

“Remote work, career development, and diverse client projects in all possible industries.” This is the answer Ilpo gave when asked to list reasons that have contributed to him staying at Tieto for 15 years. 

Firstly, remote opportunities have been crucial for him as he lives in Savonlinna, in the Eastern part of Finland. “Our team is spread across Europe, therefore, it doesn’t really make any difference where I’m based.” When asked if he’d like to have colleagues working in the same city he smiles and says: “Not really, I’m an introverted software guy”

Secondly, career development and diverse projects have also played a major role in making it worth it staying at Tieto for so long. After several years of working as Java Developer and Architect, he got more and more into the world of testing. In 2007, test automation came into the picture when he started his first position as Test Manager. First manual testing, and later on automated testing after DevOps started becoming a more integral part of software development.

Current project: A pension payment system for 1.5 million end users

Today, Ilpo works as a Lead DevOps Architect in a nationwide pension payment system. In all pension systems, testing is at the heart of the development as it can be considered as one of the most critical systems in Finland. It simply won’t do for pensioners to receive their payments late as it may have fatal consequences. 

Ilpo is taking part in modernising and automating the 20-year-old system with modern technologies. This means many interesting technical challenges, which he finds the most intriguing part of the work. “As to the technologies, we use Docker, Kubernetes, OpenShift, Robot Framework, OWASP, AWS, Azure, and Java,” Ilpo lists. How about Python? “No thanks, I’ll stick to Java!”

What should Test Automation specialists know about Tieto? 

“Well, for example, that we have excellent tools and technologies to work with. Also, one has the opportunity to work as part of bigger or smaller projects, and there is always someone to back you up,” Ilpo says. “I feel privileged to be able to work with highly talented individuals who support each other. We have a healthy ratio of junior and senior specialists. We have a strong mentality of being open to new suggestions and challenging our own views to find the best solutions for our clients. Working closely with junior developers also keeps my thoughts fresh and agile!"

Would you like to work in testing and quality assurance at Tieto? 

If you’d like to work with Ilpo, contact us via or check out open positions here! Both junior and senior specialists are welcome to join.


Ilpo Paju
Lead DevOps Architect

Ilpo is Lead DevOps Architect in the Test team at Tieto. He has influenced the ways Tieto operates in test automation, security testing, performance testing, cloud environments, and DevOps methodologies. In 2019, Ilpo was awarded as Test Engineer of the Year 2018 in Finland.


Ilpo Paju

Lead DevOps Architect

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