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First months at TietoEVRY – the story of a Software Architect

Wanting to play a part in building the Finnish knowledge society further, Joakim joined the Vahva team in spring 2019.

Joakim Björkgren / July 24, 2019

Have you heard of Vahva, one of the biggest digital transformation projects in all of Finland? Well, that’s the project Joakim Björkgren joined as a Software Architect in spring 2019. We asked Joakim how it felt to join the team, and what the Vahva project means from a backend development point of view. Here’s what Joakim had to say.

Opportunity to develop the Finnish knowledge society further

In 2018, Joakim started to ponder over new opportunities as he wanted to take a step up from being a Software Developer and become a Senior Software Architect. After first hearing about TietoEVRY’s career opportunities, Joakim felt – to be very honest – interested, but also a bit unsure about whether he would be able to find his place in such a big company? After meeting his future colleagues and being offered a tempting, professionally challenging role, he took the leap and joined the Vahva project. “Since day one, I’ve felt like I’m treated very respectfully and warmly by my new colleagues. The major reason for me to join was that I get to take part in developing Finnish knowledge society further,” highlights Joakim.

So, what’s the Vahva project all about – from the Backend Architect’s point of view?

In a nutshell, the Vahva project is about building a joint case management system for the Finnish Government, based on TietoEVRY’s Public 360° solution. The old system is replaced by a completely new one, using modern technologies and following agile and scrum methodologies.

In late 2019, Joakim’s team prepared to take the solution to the cloud and start using microservices architecture. The solution is highly scalable. “In the final version, we are talking about millions of documents the system needs to handle. Additionally, in ministries, there are thousands of end-users that we need to serve so it brings about intriguing challenges to keep the software robust and functional.” The project is done in cooperation with other service providers with whom Joakim syncs several times a month. The team consists of more than 20 developers, including some software professionals from the Czech Republic, India and Norway.

Good vibes in the team

“Everyone is very professional, they know their stuff and they are fun to work with. Even though sometimes the deadlines are tight and there are challenges on the way, the atmosphere is always positive. We get feedback even from our customers that our positive vibe shows,” Joakim describes. “Learning is a big thing here. Everyone has something to learn from others, even the most senior developers do! Always looking into ways of becoming better and working better,” he concludes.


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Joakim Björkgren
Senior Software Architect

Joakim Björkgren works as Senior Software Architect in one of Tieto's public sector projects, Vahva. He's skilled in various programming languages, software design, testing, and production environment management.


Joakim Björkgren

Senior Software Architect

Open positions

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