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Move your business into the cloud with a Gold Certified application partner

Tieto is Finland’s first service provider to boost your business renewal with Microsoft’s Cloud Business Application Gold Certificate

Heikki Alho / June 12, 2019

When you transform from on-premise ERP to the evergreen cloud solution, you need a mature application platform and a capable partner to guide you in the transformation. You need one platform that allows you to develop and maintain applications faster, at less cost, with fewer resources and lower support and maintenance costs.

Microsoft’s Business Application Platform with Dynamics 365 provides a seamless link to the entire Azure cloud ecosystem. Tieto, with Microsoft’s Cloud Business Application Gold Certificate, ensures a smooth transformation.

Why do you need a certified partner?

The entire way of deploying an ERP system changes when you move to the cloud. This means you need top-notch expertise to help you. The Gold Certificate Tieto has now achieved together with experience from multiple cases ensures you can rely on competencies proven at the highest level by Microsoft itself in harnessing Dynamics 365 to benefit your business:

  • Intelligent Insights: Turn your data into actionable intelligence
  • Productive Experiences: Engaged and empowered employees improve productivity, user experience, business processes and mobility
  • Power of Cloud: You’re in control, achieve business agility, the solution scales with your business and you can use familiar developer tools
  • Business Anytime, Anywhere: Mobilise your work through simply powerful, cloud-powered compliance and Intelligent Cloud

The market-leading Dynamics 365 partner, Tieto has already proven its capabilities working with Dynamics 365 clients, with several ERP production deployments completed, and more underway.

What certified D365 competencies mean to you

You’re working with standardised software. There is no need to make changes in the core, you instead extend the solution with PowerPlatform tools to meet your specific needs.

A genuine cloud service updates itself automatically and continuously in the background, freeing you from following and preparing for update schedules.

When the standard solution is not enough for you, experts certified for Azure as well as D365 development ensure the expansion of your solution following Microsoft’s best practices. No glitches, and you can be assured of taking advantage of the entire Microsoft and Azure ecosystem for the best ways to really develop your business. The ecosystem covers both finance and operations, integrating all functions together.

Connect your data and apply intelligence to drive your digital transformation with the next generation of cloud business applications on Microsoft Cloud, now with Finland’s first Gold Certified cloud application partner.

Read more about our Microsoft Dynamics 365 services and get in touch. Let’s take your business into the future together.

Heikki Alho
Director of Microsoft Dynamics and CRM

Heikki is managing the Microsoft Dynamics 365 business at Tieto. His team is committed to help customers in their cloud transformation, having proven delivery model, industry competence and unparalleled experience in delivering Microsoft Dynamics 365. Heikki has personal experience of helping dozens of customers across Nordics to transform their business by implementing new business platforms, starting from consultative sales going all the way to managing successful deliveries and continuous development.


Heikki Alho

Director of Microsoft Dynamics and CRM

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