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Manufacturing on the move: how to lead change in the digital era

New white paper series turns the spotlight on digital transformation in industry with key steps for getting on board. Start the journey here!

Rory Moore / May 22, 2019

Has all the talk around Industry 4.0 and digitalization left you disoriented, wondering which steps to take first? If so, you are not alone – and good news is on the horizon.

In the new white paper series Manufacturing on the move, produced in collaboration with KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm and IT analyst firm Radar, Tieto invites you to explore the transition to smart manufacturing from the vantage point of four essential building blocks:

• Business model change
• Manufacturing ecosystems
• Intelligent factories
• Unlocking the data assets

Starting out with a deep dive into the world of business model change, the series has been put together to help manufacturing companies reinvent value propositions, optimize and automate operations, and ultimately keep up with change in the new era.

Arguably, there is no better time to map out your transformation strategy than right now. 2019 looks set to be a milestone year for the manufacturing sector as a first big wave of companies move from theory to action and reap the benefits of “going digital”.

Manufacturing on the move picks up on some of the latest use cases, business drivers and enabling tools that are likely to inspire your business to shift to a higher gear.

Get all the insights you need. Start the journey now and download Manufacturing on the Move whitepapers here.

Rory Moore
Head of Industrial Services

Rory is an IoT Service Transformation expert with joint experience from both the manufacturing service industry and consulting. He is passionate about helping organizations in navigating through their service transformation using best of breed solutions and industry experience. 


Rory Moore

Head of Industrial Services

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