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Life as a Chief Data Scientist at Tieto

Working at Tieto Centre of Excellence offers a unique learning opportunity for people who want to get involved in result-driven AI research and development.

Ari Rantanen / May 17, 2019
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Data science and AI continue to make headlines as a major disruptive force for businesses and society. At the same time, incredible results in machine vision, natural language understanding and autonomous robotics offer a continuous stream of innovation. All this heralds a new era for automation, decision support and product development – areas which my team gets to work in at Tieto.

AI team assemble!

At Tieto AI & Data Science Centre of Excellence (CoE), we help our customers at every point in their AI pipeline – from AI opportunity identification to continuous business deployment. We also team up with other Tieto units to offer our customers 360 data and AI strategy consultation. This allows them to transform business processes effectively, as well as construct optimal roadmaps to realize identified opportunities.  

As the chief data scientist at our CoE, I can proudly say that for each stage in the AI value creation chain, I have a colleague who is more competent than I am. Together we can solve even the trickiest of customer problems – whether it’s data and AI strategy consultation or state-of-the-art AI solutions in machine vision, sensor fusion, natural language understanding or in IoT data analytics. 

In fact, my main task is to make sure that our AI pipeline flows smoothly from start to finish. For instance, I ensure the customer’s needs are discovered and prioritized effectively. Together with my peers from other units, I also find the right teams and coach them to come up with the right solutions with maximum efficiency. Sometimes my job is easy, sometimes a bit harder. But never boring! 


Full-stack service

What makes developing AI in a big company like Tieto satisfying is that we can offer the full stack of services necessary for a successful AI business transformation. Do you need to clarify your data and analytics strategy or validate an identified AI opportunity in record time? No problem! We’ll put together a team of data scientists, data engineers, service designers and SW developers – each dedicated to solving your AI challenge.

Since we work with a wide array of customers and businesses, we gain insights in common customer needs around AI and can then focus our development efforts on issues that matter. Naturally, the first to benefit from our full-stack offering is the customer. AI (PoC’s (proof of concepts) are nice, but real business value is generated only by continuous end-to-end services. But the customer is not the only one who benefits. 

Working at Tieto Centre of Excellence offers a unique learning opportunity for people who want to get involved in result-driven AI research and development. I feel fortunate to be at the forefront of the future of technology. And so can you, as there are still plenty of front-row seats available at Tieto!


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Ari Rantanen
TietoEVRY alumni

Ari’s passion lies at the cross section of artificial intelligence and data science, data driven process development and deployment as well as business intelligence and leadership. Based on his experience, a successful data driven business transformation requires that all these domains are developed in sync.


Ari Rantanen

TietoEVRY alumni

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