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Launching new opportunities for modernisation and renewal

Exploring new technologies to help our clients advance, grow, and future-proof their business – that’s where our passion lies.

Richard Lindstedt / March 15, 2018

Today, we are proud to be launching in 2018 Microsoft Azure Stack to our customers among the first ones in the Nordics. Combining Azure Stack, delivered from our own secure data centres, with the public Azure – we bring one, consistent hybrid cloud to the market.

Hybrid Azure by Tieto is a new attractive alternative for any organisation to overcome current day challenges and build future value.

Modernise or be left behind

Today, many organisations from a range of different sectors such as the public sector, healthcare or finance, are faced with the growing pressure to modernise or be left behind.

The challenges they face are vast and complex, such as the need to quickly react to constantly shifting demands on resources, which require costly and time-consuming hardware investment. Business renewal is at the forefront of their strategy, but often they do not have the internal capabilities or knowledge to transform and fully future-proof.

Old legacy systems and applications hinder the transformation process further: they can slow down productivity and also impact the end user experience, which can at times be off-putting to users and put a strain on other resources as a result. Legacy apps can also pose a threat to the security and overall compliance of an organisation, with any breach not only affecting operations, but detrimental to the reputation of an organisation.

With the regulatory environment becoming stricter and more demanding, the infrastructure that underpins your organisation needs to be highly secure, compliant and agile to grow as your business grows, without adding to the cost of running your business.

So, what does Microsoft Azure Stack bring to these challenges?

For a while now Tieto has been helping enterprises and public sector organisations on their cloud journey through Tieto OneCloud, a multi-cloud solution focused on business renewal. Offering both public and private clouds, our solution has secured seamless migrations for a number of customer organisations. Hybrid Azure by Tieto is a new extension to Tieto OneCloud.

With Microsoft Azure Stack, delivered and fully managed for you by Tieto complementing our OneCloud approach, we are able to help modernise infrastructure which willbenefit from both private and public cloud, in a unified, consistent way.

Azure Stack as a Service will give organisations the flexibility of public cloud computing across on-premises environments. Developer productivity will improve by leveraging a rich Azure ecosystem, utilising a common DevOps approach to app development and access to open source technologies.

Our customers will easily meet market demand by accessing infrastructure resources as and when they need more capacity. This completely removes the cost of hardware renewal and maintenance for organisations to bear.

Security will also be completely handled, so you can pool your IT resources to other parts of your organisation. Our state of the art datacentres, located in the three Nordic countries, will ensure continuous monitoring of your data and entire environment. Another added benefit this brings to you, is that it will help you to comply with the data sovereignty laws in the markets you operate in, both locally and globally.

Where would you benefit most of a unified hybrid cloud?

These are only some of the many benefits Hybrid Azure by Tieto can offer your organisation, complemented by our broad variety of add-on services and expertise.

We would be happy to discuss and find out how you can benefit of the new opportunities. There are bright ideas waiting to be found around you!

Let's discuss!

Richard Lindstedt
Senior Product Manager

Richard Lindstedt is driving cloud services innovation at Tieto, developing new offerings that help customers take advantage of the benefits that hybrid cloud solutions bring. Richard is specifically focused on the Tieto private cloud platform based on Microsoft technologies and the Microsoft Azure public cloud services. He has 25 years of experience in enterprise networking, management and security solutions, as well as product management, product marketing and professional services.


Richard Lindstedt

Senior Product Manager

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