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Security, the apple of discord for cloud services?

Today, the cloud has been widely acknowledged as an effective and efficient enabler to improve the IT landscape.

Yulia Filipovich / January 19, 2018

Today, the cloud has been widely acknowledged as an effective and efficient enabler to improve the IT landscape. But many, especially in certain industries, still worry about the security and compliance of cloud services and regard security and compliance as an “apple of discord” for cloud.

In Greek mythology, the goddess Eris tossed a beautiful golden apple into a wedding which she had not been invited to. The apple had the inscription "To the fairest", causing Athena, Aphrodite and Hera to fight over it. This would eventually lead to the Trojan war.

Similarly, today, security has the potential of being an apple of discord within cloud services. If not acknowledged and prioritized, the security level of your data may have severe consequences. And a Trojan war within IT security is certainly as daunting as it ever was in Greek mythology.

Cloud compliant with your business needs

Cloud computing has changed the IT landscape in how data centres are built, how software is deployed, how IT upgrades are handled and how companies remain compliant and secure. It is also helping business and society to become smarter, more agile, flexible and faster. Migrating to the cloud can facilitate legal and regulatory compliance, manage vulnerabilities, improve flexibility and cost efficiency.

However, all cloud services differ, and it's essential to identify business needs and requirements. With a pre-compliant cloud solution, your business can enjoy a higher standard of security and compliance with rules and regulations, powering any ecosystems you might be involved in. That way, you can focus on your core business and co-operation with partners in a secure and capable cloud environment.

Ensuring security and compliance

Compliance with data security standards and regulatory requirements can bring major benefits to businesses of all sizes, and failure to comply can have serious, long-term negative consequences. But many worry about the level of security that can be provided in a cloud-based solution.

Storing data in a cloud environment is a prospect that brings a certain level of insecurity to many. However, PCI DSS is a great tool and a check list of what needs to be done, so it is easy to see whether the cloud environment complies with regulatory demands or not.

Compliance with PCI DSS means that your systems are secure – the regulations for PCI DSS are updated every year, and so should your platform of choice. Ensuring that your data will be located in datacenters in the Nordics that have passed PCI DSS QSA audits is important and you should be provided with an Attestation of Compliance, AOC. Choosing a provider that guarantees that an independent auditor goes through the cloud environment ensures that security levels remain high.

Security is of absolute importance, and moving to the right cloud solution will help you to maintain or even improve your security level. There really is no reason to let security become an apple of discord within cloud.

A Security Partner would further ensure safety and guide you through the whole process of moving to a cloud environment. In our next blog post we'll go further and deep dive in the security issues you face.

Yulia Filipovich
Senior Compliance Manager, Tieto Compliance Cloud, Tieto

Yulia Filipovich is Senior Compliance manager for Tieto Compliance Cloud. She works with PCI DSS Compliance architecture and "stay compliant” roadmap. Yulia has had 10 years of experience in Payment Systems with significant contribution to certifications with Visa, MasterCard, China Union Pay etc. for CardSuite and EntraCard products. As for her personal life, Yulia likes planning fascinating journeys and enjoys playing the piano and tennis.


Yulia Filipovich

Senior Compliance Manager, Tieto Compliance Cloud, Tieto

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