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Transparency creates a genuinely customer-oriented ecosystem

Social welfare and healthcare technology will develop even more rapidly in the future.

Kimmo Alaniska / November 09, 2017

Social welfare and healthcare technology will develop even more rapidly in the future. No system supplier is the best in the world in all ​​social welfare and healthcare specialty areas, and a large amount of new technology innovations are born in start-ups globally.

Ecosystems combine the expertise of the leading players to benefit social welfare and healthcare organizations, professionals and customers. We have chosen the openEHR data model as the technological core for our future social and healthcare systems. The Lifecare solutions are based on the open data model, and rely extensively on the expertise of our technology partners.

Tieto's own product development focuses on the core of the customer and patient information systems, such as managing the overall customer situation, customer and population wellbeing, assessing care needs, care and service plans, as well as decision support and enterprise resource planning.

We are responsible for user experience and data integrity

With partnerships we ensure that our customers have the best possible solution for every expertise area, and product development is faster than ever before. We complement the ecosystem offering not only with our partners' solution, but also with our customers' own choices. Open interfaces and data models open a new path for startups, enabling easier introduction of new innovations for the care and social work professionals.

The first version of open, standardized interfaces is already open and public. The product versions based on the open data model, openEHR, will be available in the autumn 2018. The expertise of our partner network accelerates product development. The flexible introduction of new technologies, such as machine learning and genome, will actualize earlier than anticipated.

The ecosystem enables healthcare and social welfare organizations and professionals to take advantage of both the best local and international solutions. Our mission as a responsible supplier is to ensure that the ecosystem's offering is efficiently and safely applied in the everyday life of social welfare and healthcare professionals.

Kimmo Alaniska
Tieto alumni


Kimmo Alaniska

Tieto alumni

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