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Delivering customer value across borders – my journey as a Salesforce developer at Tieto

But what does it mean for me and what is it that excites me during my work days?

Aparna Bochare / October 16, 2017

My journey at Tieto started over two years ago, when I joined the Salesforce Services team in the Cloud Born Enterprise Applications unit. At our unit, together with our technology partners, we help customers get the most out of SaaS solutions for core enterprise processes, be it human resources or sales. But what does it mean for me and what is it that excites me during my work days?

International in spirit

I see Tieto through the lens of global diversity and inclusion. Not only do we work with a great number of different customers from different countries and industries, our global team of developers and experienced consultants is also incredibly diverse – both geographically and culturally. Although I'm based in Pune, India, I am also closely working with the colleagues from the Nordics and Central Europe. It certainly adds vibrancy and broader perspectives to my work life! We all bring to the table a piece of our own culture and working style, but at the same time we are sharing the open source culture of Tieto.

Data-driven insight

As a Senior Salesforce developer, I advise customers in the planning and implementation of Salesforce projects. What I like about these projects is that I get to work a lot with the customer data. This wealth of information allows me to map out the entire customer journey from start to finish. I feel that my input really matters because I get to influence important business processes by translating requirements and feedback into development challenges.

Teamwork in action

I'm currently working on Paperforce, an integrated sales tool solution for the paper industry. Thanks to the advanced features we've developed, Paperforce enables intelligent decision-making and management of all day-to-day deals and customer relationships from one place. We have just finished upgrading it to the new look & feel and I am extremely happy to see huge progress there!

Aparna Bochare
Senior Software Engineer, Tieto

Aparna joined Tieto in 2015. She is part of the Cloud Born Enterprise Applications team as a Senior Salesforce Developer. Aparna is passionate about new technologies, cloud and Salesforce!


Aparna Bochare

Senior Software Engineer, Tieto

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